Hospital worker work environment improvement project

The Tokyo metropolitan government will subsidize the necessary expenses for efforts to improve the working environment of doctors and nursing staff implemented by hospitals, prevent job turnover and to retain them, and support the re-employment of doctors who have left the workplace. This project aims to contribute to the stable maintenance of the medical system in Tokyo.

Subsidized person

Hospitals in Tokyo (excluding hospitals established by the national government, independent administrative agencies, local independent administrative agencies, and Tokyo)

Target business

The following projects are eligible for assistance.

1 Work environment improvement and re-employment support project

(1) Return-to-work training and work environment improvement projects a. Return-to-work training Doctors and nursing staff who had no choice but to leave their jobs due to individual circumstances, childbirth, childcare, etc., will be able to re-employ and settle down without anxiety. (b) Work environment improvement project A project that reduces the burden on doctors and nursing staff working at hospitals and creates an environment that is easy to work in, thereby contributing to preventing turnover and securing stable human resources.

(2) Counseling counter project A project to set up a consultation counter to support work-life balance for female doctors, etc., and provide consultation services and information.

2 Efforts to promote team medical care

Projects that allow each medical staff to demonstrate their expertise and contribute to the division of roles between doctors and medical professionals, etc., and the promotion of team-based medical care. and implementation of training accompanying the placement of nursing assistants (2) Utilization of midwives
(3) Utilization of nurses (support for obtaining qualifications as certified nurses and support for participation in training for specific behaviors, which contributes to reducing the workload of doctors)

3 Work environment improvement facility development project and work environment improvement facility development project

(1) Development of facilities and equipment necessary for in-hospital midwifery and midwifery outpatient services (2) Development of facilities and equipment for new construction, extension, renovation, or renovation of lounges and duty rooms


2022 grant application

We are looking for hospitals that will carry out the work environment improvement project for hospital workers in 2024.
In addition to promoting efforts to improve the working environment, please consider actively using this project, and if you have a business plan, please submit the application documents.

Submission Deadline

August 24, 2020 (Wednesday) *The deadline has passed.

Application form etc.

Application guide

Documents required for the subsidy screening committee (only for facility/equipment maintenance project applicants)

2021 performance report

Medical institutions that received a grant decision in 2021 should create and submit a performance report based on the grant outline No. 9-7.
We examine whether the results of the subsidized project conform to the content and conditions of the grant decision and determine the grant amount.

Submission Deadline

April 8, 2020 (Friday) *Closed.

Related forms, etc.

Consumption tax purchase deduction tax amount report

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