Itabashi Ward Rubella Countermeasure Project (to prevent congenital rubella syndrome)

In response to the rubella epidemic from 2012 to 2013, Itabashi Ward started a rubella vaccination project for adults from 2013 to prevent the onset of "congenital rubella syndrome" from 2014. We carry out rubella antibody test business.
In addition, since October 29, 2018, the number of people eligible for the "antibody test business" and "vaccination business" has been expanded in response to the increase in the number of reported cases of rubella in the Tokyo metropolitan area in 2018.
(The aim is to prevent infection among pregnant women, and the targets are women who wish to become pregnant, their partners, and pregnant women's housemates.)

* Men born between April 2, 1962 and April 1, 1979 are eligible for the "adult male rubella vaccination project", so please check the following.

1. Flow for using the system

(1) Take the rubella antibody test (free).

*There are certain conditions for taking the antibody test. Please see below for conditions.

(2) If the result of the "rubella antibody test" is low antibody, please receive "rubella vaccine vaccination" (free).

*Already have a pregnant woman's health checkup and a rubella antibody test at your own expense, If you have a "low antibody test result", Antibody tests are not required, so please see the Itabashi Ward Rubella Vaccination Project (to prevent congenital rubella syndrome).

2. Overview of the system

Grant period

April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2023


Cooperation medical institution in the ward

Antibody testing business

We collect blood and support examination to check antibody titer of rubella.
(Free for applicable persons)

Vaccination business

We support rubella vaccination to increase antibody titer.
(Free for applicable persons)

Contact information

Preventive Measures Division Vaccination Section 1 03-3579-2318

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