ACP Efforts Promotion Training ~Preparing for Acute Diseases including New Corona Infectious Diseases~

In order to provide medical care and nursing care that respects the patient's wishes, ACP (advance care planning) involves finding times and situations that make it easier for patients and their families to think about the medical care and nursing care they want, and holding appropriate discussions. It is important to provide decision-making support based on
This training is designed so that even those who do not have knowledge or experience of inpatient treatment of patients with new coronavirus infections can practice ACP based on QOL in preparation for diseases with acute symptoms such as new coronavirus infections. The purpose of this event is to deepen understanding of ACP through case studies.

1 About target audience

Medical and nursing care workers who are interested in this training * Limited to those who live in Tokyo or work at facilities in Tokyo.

2 About the event

In order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, it will be held in an online video distribution format.
Please check the event information for details.
*Participation fee is free.

3 How to apply

Application acceptance has ended.

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