Those under the age of 65 who have a low risk of becoming severe (mild patients, etc.)

Occurrence notification Those who do not fall under the notification target

Those who do not correspond to any of the following
(1) Persons aged 65 or over (2) Persons requiring hospitalization (3) Persons at risk of severe disease who require administration of novel coronavirus therapeutic drugs or oxygen administration (4) Pregnant women

Those under the age of 65 with no underlying diseases who have mild symptoms can apply online to the "Positive Patient Registration Center" established by the Tokyo metropolitan government based on the results of their own tests without visiting a medical institution. will be diagnosed and registered.
In addition, even if you have been examined at a medical institution, you will not be subject to the outbreak notification, so please register with the registration center yourself.
With this registration, you can use support services such as food delivery and accommodation, and receive medical consultation in the event of a sudden change in your physical condition.

(1) Self-inspection

  • Purchasing test kits from pharmacies, online stores, etc.
  • Tokyo Test Kit Distribution Project
  • Please make use of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's PCR and other tests free of charge project.

About distribution of antigen qualitative test kits

An antigen qualitative test that has been approved as an in-vitro diagnostic product so that you can quickly test at home, etc., if you have symptoms such as sore throat, fever, cough, or malaise, or if you have been in close contact with the patient. We distribute kits.
Please apply for the test kit directly to the delivery office.

Tokyo metropolitan PCR test free project

It is possible to take the test at medical institutions, pharmacies, hygiene inspection centers, etc. that have registered for the Tokyo PCR free test project.
For details, please check the website below.

(2) Registration at the Tokyo Positive Person Registration Center

If you are found to be positive, please register at the Tokyo Positive Registration Center.
If you are not subject to reporting by a medical institution, even if you visit a medical institution, you will not receive an outbreak report (positive notification) from the medical institution.
Registration is required if you wish to receive support during medical treatment.

Support during medical treatment

  • Health observation with My HER-SYS
  • Delivery of groceries and pulse oximeters
  • Recuperation at an accommodation facility (hotel) in Tokyo, etc.

Notes on application

  1. Please make sure there are no mistakes when registering.
  2. There have been many cases of people being tested again for the novel coronavirus at a medical institution after being registered at the Positive Person Registration Center. Please be careful not to go to the hospital for diagnostic purposes, unless your symptoms worsen, as you will be registered twice.

If you wish to see a medical institution

If you have a family doctor

Please call your family doctor.

If you do not have a family doctor or are not available

We provide information on special dials for medical institution information and fever outpatient clinics. Please check the following page for details.


If the test kit is positive

If the test kit is positive

If the test kit is positive

If you receive a diagnosis at a medical institution

If you receive a diagnosis at a medical institution

If you receive a diagnosis at a medical institution


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