[4th vaccination] Vaccination venue/map

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About the vaccination venue

  1. Group vaccination venue
  2. Individual vaccination venue

Precautions when visiting the vaccination venue

Even if you come to the vaccination venue earlier than the reservation time, the vaccination time will not be hastened.
Please come to the vaccination venue on time to avoid waiting time.

Group vaccination venue list

Facility name/Venue location Map *Click to enlarge Private parking lot Handling vaccine
1 Shinagawa Ward Medical Association Hall Kitashinagawa 3-7-25 Shinagawa Ward Medical Association Hall Nothing Conventional model Pfizer Conventional model Nano Babax (*)
2 Omura Hospital 1F 3-27-11 Oi Omura Hospital Nothing Conventional Pfizer
3 Hatanodai Hospital Hatanodai 5-17-16 Hatanodai Hospital Nothing Conventional Pfizer
*Vaccines other than those listed above are not currently available.
*Novavac vaccine can be used for the 1st and 2nd doses (initial vaccination) and 3rd to 5th doses.
Click here for information on Novavax vaccination .

List of individual medical institutions

There are no medical institutions listed on the city website.
*Vaccines may be administered at some medical institutions.

Shinagawa Ward New Coronavirus Vaccination Call Center
Phone: 03-6633-2433
*Please call us after confirming the phone number in advance so that there is no mistake.
Reception hours: 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. *Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays also available Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese
Fax: 03-6684-4845
*FAX is a dedicated number for those with speech and hearing disabilities. Please refrain from using other people.

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