[Tokyo] Distribution of antigen qualitative test kits to symptomatic people through medical institutions

In order to alleviate the concentration of testing and consultations due to the rapid spread of infection, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is making efforts to distribute antigen qualitative test kits through medical institutions to symptomatic people and have them carry out their own tests in advance. increase.

*The number is limited. Please check the specific situation with the medical institution in advance .

Target audience

Those who meet both ① and ② below

① Those who live in Tokyo and have symptoms that are suspected of being infected with the new coronavirus infection (symptoms)

(2) Among those with symptoms, those who are not at risk of exacerbation (those without underlying diseases, those without obesity [BMI of 130 or higher], those with no possibility of being pregnant).

*If you are at risk of becoming seriously ill, please consult a medical institution.

Application method

Please contact the medical institution that cooperates in distributing the test kit in advance, follow their instructions, and bring the "application form for the distribution of antigen qualitative test kits to symptomatic patients" (completed form) before coming to the hospital.

About downloading of "antigen qualitative test kit distribution application to person with symptom" and list of cooperating medical institutions, please confirm Tokyo homepage (we link to the outside site) .

* One kit will be distributed per person per application, and up to two applications per person are allowed.
For those who received the kit by applying directly on the Internet, the total number of times will be up to 2 times.

* If you wish to receive kits for multiple people, such as a representative of your family living together, you will need a "distribution application form" for each person.

*If you are unable to download or print the form, you may handwrite the contents of the "Distribution application form" in any form.


・The person who applied for the test kit must use it (parents should not collect samples from the person).

Never transfer, sell, or resell the test kit.

Flow after inspection

If self-test is positive

Self-examination results do not provide a definitive diagnosis. If the result is positive, please take the following actions.

(1) Apply for registration at the Tokyo Positive Person Registration Center. For details, please check the Tokyo Metropolitan Government website (link to an external site) .

(2) Medical treatment/examination Consult the medical institution, etc., and have a medical examination if necessary.

* At the doctor's discretion, there is a possibility that the results of this test may be used for a definitive diagnosis without performing the test again at the time of consultation. Therefore, save the test results as an image on your smartphone, etc., so that you can present it at the time of consultation (at the time of registration).

If the test result is negative

Even if this test is "negative", it does not deny the possibility of infection. Thoroughly prevent infection by wearing a mask, disinfecting your hands, etc., and if symptoms persist or worsen, please consult a medical institution.


Affiliation: Minato Public Health Center Health Prevention Section Health Prevention Section

Phone number: 03-6400-0080

Fax number: 03-3455-4460

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