child rearing allowance

From the application in October 2022, it will be determined based on the income in 2021.
Those who did not apply due to excess income during the second year of Reiwa,
If you meet the following conditions and have not yet applied, please contact us.


Children who live in the city and fall under any of the following categories until the first March 31 after reaching the age of 18 (*Children under the age of 20 who have a degree of disability specified by government ordinance) (including children)), or parents (people who are not the child's parents).
Since April 2003, the statute of limitations for requesting certification has disappeared. In addition, those who met the payment requirements after August 1985 and have passed five years before April 1, 2003 (excluding fathers and children) cannot request certification.

*If you have a moderate or higher physical and mental disability Example) Grade 1 to 3 in the "Physical Disability Certificate"

  1. Children whose parents are divorced
  2. A child born out of wedlock to a mother
  3. Children whose father or mother died
  4. Children who have been abandoned by their father or mother for more than one year
  5. Children whose father or mother has been detained for more than one year
  6. Children whose father or mother is unknown
  7. Children whose father or mother is in any of the following situations:
    ・When you have a severe physical disability and need constant care (physical disability certificate level 1 or 2)
    ・When you have a severe mental disorder and are in a state of needing constant care
  8. Children whose father or mother received a DV protection order from the court

income limit

  • not the amount of income. Please be careful.
  • An amount equivalent to 80% of child support is added to income.
  • Obligatory dependents are immediate relatives and siblings who live with the applicant.

number of dependents Person (total payment) The person (partially paid) Spouse and Supporting Obligor
0 people 490,000 yen 1,920,000 yen 2,360,000 yen
1 person ¥870,000 2,300,000 yen 2,740,000 yen
2 people 1,250,000 yen 2,680,000 yen 3,120,000 yen
3 persons 1,630,000 yen 3,060,000 yen 3,500,000 yen
4 people 2,010,000 yen 3,440,000 yen 3,880,000 yen
5 people 2,390,000 yen 3,820,000 yen

4,260,000 yen

  • In the following cases, dependent relatives are added to the income limit.
    [ himself ] <Senior deductible spouse or elderly dependent>
    Add 100,000 yen per person
    <Specified dependents or deductible dependents aged between 16 and 19>
    Add 150,000 yen per person
    [ Spouse and Supporting Obligor ] <When there are two or more dependents>
    Add 60,000 yen per person (However, if the dependent relatives are only elderly dependent relatives, the addition is applicable from the second person)

How to calculate your target income

Target income =
Income-salary income deduction (necessary expenses for business income, etc.)-80,000 yen-various deductions + child support (equivalent to 80%)

The amount of each deduction is as follows.

Disabled deduction 270,000 yen Miscellaneous loss deduction

deducted from inhabitant tax

amount paid (deducted

amount depends on the person

it's different)

Special deduction for persons with disabilities 400,000 yen medical expense deduction
widow deduction (annotation) 270,000 yen Contribution deduction for small business mutual aid
single parent exemption (annotation) 350,000 yen Special exemption for spouse

Working student exemption

270,000 yen

Employment income and miscellaneous income (public pension


If the total amount is less than 100,000 yen

If not, the amount)

Up to 100,000 yen

(explanatory note) Exemption for widows and deduction for single parents is applicable when the recipient is a caregiver and a supporting person.

Receipt of public pension benefits and child rearing allowance

Persons receiving public pension benefits* could not receive Child Rearing Allowance, but in December 2014, part of the Child Rearing Allowance Act was revised, and after December 2014, If the pension amount is lower than the child rearing allowance amount , you can now receive child rearing allowance for the difference.
*Public pension, etc. Survivor's pension, disability pension, old-age pension, worker's accident pension, survivor's compensation, etc.

[When the allowance can be received due to the revision]
・When the grandparents who are raising the child are receiving a low old-age pension
・In a single-father household, the child is receiving only a low amount of survivors' welfare pension.
・In single-mother households, when the father dies after divorce, and the child receives only a small amount of survivors' welfare pension, etc.

【for example】
If the eligible recipient is receiving an old-age pension and the target child is one child
Child rearing allowance (monthly amount) 43,070 yen
Old-age pension (monthly) 10,000 yen
Difference between pension amount and allowance 33,070 yen
33,070 yen will be paid as child rearing allowance.

[Application for allowance]
If you are eligible to receive a public pension, etc., or if you are receiving a public pension, etc., you will need documents that show the status of your benefits in addition to the “Items required for application” below. Please contact the person in charge.
If you are eligible to receive a public pension, etc., and apply for the allowance, you will need to follow the procedures for receiving a public pension, etc.

[For those who were unable to receive child rearing allowance due to receiving a public pension]
If the pension amount is lower than the child-rearing allowance, you need to apply for the child-rearing allowance in order to receive the child-rearing allowance. The allowance will be paid from the month following the month of application.

[For those who are receiving Child Rearing Allowance without receiving additional payment for children of Disability Basic Pension]
Those who are receiving child-rearing allowances without receiving additional child-rearing allowances from the disability basic pension need to follow procedures to receive additional child-rearing allowances and procedures for changing child-rearing allowances. .

News about child rearing allowance and simultaneous payment of disability pension

From March 2021 (payment in May 2021), the method of calculating the amount of Child Rearing Allowance and the method of calculating income related to supply restrictions will change.

1. Change in scope of disability pension to be adjusted with child rearing allowance

Until now, if the amount of the disability pension exceeds the amount of the child rearing allowance, the person receiving the disability pension could not receive the child rearing allowance, but after the allowance for March 2021, If the amount of child-rearing allowance exceeds the amount of the child's additional portion of the disability pension, the difference can be received as child-rearing allowance.
Those who are not receiving a disability pension and are receiving public pensions other than disability pensions (survivor's pension, old-age pension, etc.) will not be affected by this revision.

2. Change in calculation method of income related to payment restrictions

After the allowance for March 2021 (paid in May 2021), tax-exempt public pension benefits, etc. (disability pension, survivor's pension, etc.) )It is included.

*Procedures for receiving benefits

If you are already certified as a child rearing allowance recipient, you do not need to apply in principle.
Others must apply to the Child Allowance Section in order to receive Child Rearing Allowance.

For details of this revision, please check the link below.

What you need for your application

  1. signature stamp
  2. Ordinary deposit passbook or cash card of a financial institution in the name of the applicant
  3. Family register (within 1 month of issuance, if the family register of the applicant and the child are different, one copy of each is required)
    Katsushika Ward can issue a copy of the family register for child rearing allowance free of charge.
    In the case of application for issuance of family register, please offer "for child rearing allowance application".
    In this case, it cannot be used for any other purpose (except when applying for Child Raising Allowance or Single Parent Medical Certificate at the same time).
  4. A prescribed medical certificate or physical disability certificate may be required.
  5. A certificate confirming payment requirements, a petition, and a report from a local welfare officer may be required.
  6. A copy of your individual number notification card or a copy of your resident card with your individual number to confirm your individual number
    In addition, for identity verification, identity verification documents such as driver's license and passport
    However, if you have an individual number card, you can confirm your individual number and identity with just one card.
    Please contact us for more information.
  • In some cases, proof of residency may be required.
  • The allowance will be paid from the next month after requesting certification. If there is a disaster or other unavoidable reason (except for reasons such as divorce), there is an exception if the application is made within 15 days from the day following the day when the reason ceased. Please contact us for more information.

Monthly Allowance (revised from April 2022)

Target children

From April 2020

First child [Full payment]

[Partial payment]

43,070 yen

43,060 yen - 10,160 yen

Second child [Full payment]

Additional amount [partial payment]

10,170 yen

10,160 yen - 5,090 yen

After the 3rd child [Full payment]

Additional amount [partial payment]

6,100 yen

6,090 yen - 3,050 yen

<How to calculate the amount of allowance for partial payment>
1st child = 43,070 yen - ((Recipient's income amount - Total payment limit) x 0.0230070 + 10 yen)
Additional amount for second child = 10,170 yen - ((Recipient's income amount - total payment limit) x 0.0035455 + 10 yen)
Additional amount for third and subsequent children = 6,100 yen - ((Recipient's income amount - total payment limit) x 0.0021259 + 10 yen)

*Calculation results are rounded off to the nearest ¥10.
*For information on the amount of income and the maximum amount of total payment, please see the item on the income limit above.
*Monthly allowances may vary due to the application of the indexation system.

Payment date

Payment by account transfer on the following payment date

  • May 10 (March to April)
  • July 10 (from May to June)
  • September 10 (July to August)
  • November 10 (September to October)
  • January 10 (for November and December)
  • March 10 (January to February)

However, if the 10th of the above payment month is a Saturday, Sunday, or a holiday, and the financial institution is closed, as a general rule, payment will be made on the previous day.
(Example) If the 10th falls on a Saturday, the 9th. If the 10th falls on a Sunday, the 8th.

Persons receiving Child Rearing Allowance are eligible for the following systems:

  1. Discount on JR commuter pass
  2. Issuance of free tickets for metropolitan transportation
  3. Reduction/exemption of water and sewage charges (only in the name of the beneficiary)
  4. Exemption from oversized garbage collection fees
  5. Reduction of municipal bicycle parking lot commuter pass fee

(Note 1)
The target audience, reception desk, and required documents are different. Please see the attached file below for details.

(Note 2)
Depending on the beneficiary, there are other systems that can be received. For details, please contact the Child Allowance Section.

Reception time

Weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. However, Wednesdays are from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
In addition, we do open agency from 9:00 a.m. to noon only on holiday open agency window (once a month Sunday).

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