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Health checkups and cancer screenings will be carried out at medical institutions that take infection prevention measures. In addition, please cooperate in preventing the spread of the new coronavirus infection when visiting the clinic.

  • Please make sure that you do not have symptoms such as fever when you visit the doctor.
  • Please wear a mask.
  • Please cooperate with the infection prevention measures of each medical institution.

Cancer Screening/Health Checkup Guide for COVID-19
Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health, Tokyo Metropolitan Government "Cancer Screening and Medical Examination Guide for Corona" (new window display)
For more information on health checkups and cancer screenings, please refer to the following link "Information on Health Checkups and Cancer Screenings in 2022" (PDF data of the booklet).

Implementation period and implementation place

Implementation period

  • May 1, 2020 to March 31, 2023 (persons aged 75 and over)
  • June 1, 2020 to March 31, 2023 (persons aged 74 and under)
  • Gastric endoscopy is until January 31, 2023
[Note] Excluding days when the medical institution is closed


Shinjuku Ward Designated Medical Institution
*Please see the link below for a list of medical institutions.
[Note] More detailed medical institution information can be found on the following website.
Tokyo medical institution guidance service sunflower (new window indication)

Types of examinations, eligible persons, and copayments

[Note] Age is the full age at the time of birthday by March 31, 2023
Overview of examination types, etc.
Type of examination Examination content Target audience
(Shinjuku residents)
Self-pay amount
[Note 4]
Gastric cancer (gastric endoscopy) [Note 1] gastroscopy Over 50
(Once every two years) [Note 2]
2,000 yen
Gastric cancer (stomach X-ray) [Note 1] Direct X-ray imaging of the stomach Over 40 1,900 yen
Colorectal cancer fecal occult blood test Over 40 600 yen
lung cancer (chest x-ray) Direct chest X-ray (2 directions) Over 40 900 yen

Lung cancer (chest X-ray + sputum)

Direct chest X-ray (2 directions)
Sputum cytology
Over 50
Those with a high smoking index
(number of cigarettes smoked per day ×
Those who have smoked for 600 years or more)
1,200 yen
Cervical cancer [Note 3] cervical cytology women over 20
even age
900 yen
Breast cancer [Note 3] mammography examination women over 40
even age
800 yen
prostate cancer
(Medical examination outside national guidelines) [Note 4]
PSA (blood) test men over 50 200 yen

[Note 1]
Stomach cancer screening is available once every two years, but you can choose either gastroscopy or stomach X-ray.
In addition, those who choose to undergo a gastric X-ray examination can undergo it every year.
[Note 2]
Those who underwent gastroscopy in 2021 will not be able to undergo gastric cancer screening in the ward this year.
[Note 3]
Cervical cancer and breast cancer screenings are available once every two years. In addition, if you are an odd-numbered person and have not received a medical checkup from the ward in 2021, you can have a medical checkup.
[Note 4]
  • Those who are eligible for the Shinjuku City health checkup
    We carry out at the same time as health checkup. You do not need to request a prostate cancer primary screening vote.
    (However, if you wish to be exempted, a separate advance procedure is required.)
  • Those who are not eligible for the Shinjuku City health checkup
    carry out alone. Please request a prostate cancer primary screening vote from the contact below.
[Note 4]
There is an exemption system for special ward tax exempt households and welfare households.
For more information "Exemption from co-payment" (Move to the bottom of the page) Please refer to.

In addition to those listed above, cervical cancer and breast cancer screenings are provided free of charge for those eligible for the national cancer screening promotion project.
Please see below for details.
News (we move to the other page) about cancer screening promotion business

You can learn about each cancer screening in an easy-to-understand manner from the videos on the website below.
Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health, Tokyo Metropolitan Government "Healthy Days of Everyday Noya" (Cancer Screening Enlightenment Video) (New window display)

Flow of consultation

  1. Order the desired cancer screening vote from the ward
  2. Choose a medical institution
    Let's choose the medical institution that carries out the desired cancer screening from the link of the above list of medical institutions conducting medical examinations.
    [Note] Please contact the medical institution directly for the consultation date and time.
    Please have your medical examination slip ready when you make an inquiry.
  3. Precautions at the time of consultation
    Please follow the instructions of the medical institution you plan to visit.
    [Note] For colorectal cancer screening and sputum cytology for lung cancer screening, it is necessary to receive a container from the medical institution in advance.
  4. On the day of the examination (what to bring)
    • cancer screening card
    • Health insurance card
    • Specimen (in the case of sputum cytology for colorectal cancer screening and lung cancer screening)
      [Note] Please pay the self-pay amount to the implementing medical institution.
  5. At a later date, you will receive an explanation of the results from the medical institution you visited

How to request a medical examination slip

Health Promotion Section Health Checkup Section

We will issue you a medical certificate on the same day.
Health Promotion Section Health Checkup Section
5-18-14 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku Northwest Building 4F Second Branch Office Annex

[Electronic application]
Please use the link below.
Electronic application service is this (new window indication)

For those aged 75 and over, we sent the checkup forms in late April 2022, and for those aged 74 and under, in late May 2022.
(Stomach cancer screening slips will not be sent to those who underwent gastroscopy last year.)
[Note] If you do not receive the checkup slip, or if you would like an additional checkup slip, please contact the health checkup section of the Health Promotion Division.

Cancer screening Q&A

QCan I undergo a breast echo (ultrasound) examination or a colonoscopy as part of my medical examination?

AIt is not accepted as an examination in Shinjuku Ward.
As a general rule, Shinjuku City has established effective testing methods in line with national guidelines established based on scientific evidence. These examinations are called preventive examinations, and their effects are recognized for the purpose of reducing the mortality rate from cancer.
Other cancer screenings are called optional screenings. Voluntary screening is not recognized to be sufficiently effective in reducing the mortality rate, and it is a screening method for which the benefits of screening may outweigh the disadvantages.
Therefore, it is not implemented in Shinjuku City because it is not suitable as a public project run by the local government.

Difference between countermeasure type examination and optional type examination
Countermeasure type cancer screening
(Resident medical examination)
Voluntary cancer screening
(Full medical checkup, etc.)
Basic conditions Cancer screening conducted by local governments as a public policy for the purpose of reducing the mortality rate of the cancer concerned Items other than countermeasure-type cancer screening
Screening method Selected by local governments based on the Cancer Screening Guidelines Based on Efficacy Evaluation. The individual or the medical institution conducting the examination freely selects.
However, in some cases, a method is selected in which the effect of reducing the mortality rate of the cancer concerned is not clear.
Advantages and Disadvantages Consider the balance of benefits and harms of getting screened.
The benefits outweigh the harms, minimizing the harms.
Appropriate information is provided by the screening provider, and decisions are made at the individual level.
examination fee using public funds.
Free of charge or a small amount of self-pay is set.
(From the National Cancer Research Center)

QI received an explanation of the results of the primary medical examination, but I am worried because I was told that a detailed examination was necessary.

A Don't worry and get a detailed examination early.
Since it is not possible to make a clear diagnosis based on the results of the primary examination alone, more detailed examinations were required, and the cancer was not diagnosed.
As a result of receiving a "precision examination", there may be no abnormalities. In addition, even if a disease requiring treatment is found, it can be treated early.
Don't worry, let's take a "precision examination" at a specialized medical institution as soon as possible to feel relieved.

Exemption from co-payments

The following persons are exempted from the self-pay amount.
  1. Households receiving public assistance and support benefits for Japanese remaining in China
  2. Special ward tax exempt households
    It is necessary to apply for an exemption at the ward office before undergoing the examination.
    For more information, please refer to the "Shinjuku Ward Cancer Screening Fee Exemption" enclosed in the checkup form.
    It will be determined based on the taxation status of the special ward tax for the relevant fiscal year. However, if the procedure is performed before the assessment of the special ward tax for the relevant fiscal year is made, refer to the taxation information for the special ward tax for the previous fiscal year.


  • We do not issue medical certificates.
  The medical institution will return the results to you, but please note that they cannot be used as a medical certificate.
  • Points to note regarding breast cancer screening due to the new corona vaccination
Reactive lymphadenopathy (swollen lymph nodes in the armpit, neck, etc., on the side of the vaccine) may be seen as a side effect associated with the new coronavirus vaccination.
If breast cancer screening (mammography) is performed when there is this side effect, it may affect the judgment.
According to the guidelines of the Japanese Association for Breast Cancer Screening, breast cancer screening should be If possible, see a doctor before vaccination or at intervals of 6 to 10 weeks after vaccination is preferred.
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare New Corona Vaccine Q&A "My side lymph nodes swelled after vaccination. Is there anything I should be careful about?" (New window display)
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare New Corona Vaccine Q&A "What kind of side effects are there in the additional (3rd) vaccination? Will it be more severe than the 2nd time?" (New window display)

Cancer screening rate in Shinjuku Ward

The consultation rate of each cancer screening in Shinjuku City in 2020 is as follows.
<FY2020 Shinjuku Ward Cancer Screening Rate>
Target number (people) Number of patients (persons) Consultation rate
stomach cancer 74,804 14,734 19.7%
Colorectal cancer 114,998 19,409 16.9%
lung cancer 120,904 18,900 15.6%
Uterine cancer 101,268 17,092 16.9%
breast cancer 63,084 13,032 20.7%
prostate cancer 59,699 5,327 8.9%
[Note] The calculation method of the consultation rate is based on the statistical data calculation method of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Statistics data (new window indication) of cancer screening of Tokyo announcement before 2019

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