National evaluation level (updated on October 28)


Infection with Omicron BA.5 has passed its peak and is trending downward

However, since mid-October, the number of infected people has increased again .

, and now it is repeatedly increasing and decreasing. Health care delivery system

Due to concerns about the imminent spread of infection , a “warning for re-expansion of infection” is being issued.

As of October 27

As of Friday, October 28

The infection status of the new coronavirus in this prefecture and the medical emergency situation are national evaluation level 2 ( level at which vigilance should be strengthened ).

Number of inpatients A

Number of beds B

Bed occupancy rate A/B

141 people

658 beds *1


647 beds *2


am. *1 Number of beds for ready-to-use hospitals (including the number of beds other than those secured for corona)

In addition, the utilization rate of reserved beds for accepting COVID-19 patients has stopped declining at the 20% level . Therefore, a “Medical Crisis Warning” has been issued.

*2 Number of beds secured for corona

Number of new positive cases per 100,000 people in the last week

167.6 people

Efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are progressing in various aspects of daily life, but in order to prevent a rebound (re-expansion) of the infection, all citizens of the prefecture should remain vigilant and avoid the 3Cs, avoid conversing with others, and avoid crowds. Please continue to thoroughly implement basic infection prevention measures, such as wearing non-woven masks at home, dining with masks, and thoroughly ventilating the room .

To everyone who is considering moving out of the prefecture

The nationwide travel support project has started, but the number of infected people is increasing nationwide .

Be careful about going out to places where there is a high risk of infection due to frequent contact with people , visiting places where there are people with a high risk of becoming seriously ill, and actions at places where there is a high risk of infection. Thorough disinfection, indoor ventilation, etc.

Number of new positives per 100,000 people in the last week nationwide (as of October 27)


[Legend] Infection status ( number of new positives per 100,000 people )

100 or more
35 to less than 100 7.5 to less than 35 Less than 7.5


Regions where measures such as movement restrictions have been issued due to the spread of infection

state of emergency declaration
Priority measures for epidemic prevention, etc.
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Pay attention to infection status







* ! indicates prefectures where the number of new positive cases per 100,000 people is 1.5 times higher than the national average


Scheduled to be announced next time: Friday, November 4, 2022

*Even before the above announcement, it may be announced at any time as necessary.

Requests to citizens and business operators


Due to the heavy rains of Typhoon No. 15, damage such as flooding occurred in various parts of the prefecture. Please make every effort to thoroughly implement basic infection prevention measures even when carrying out recovery and reconstruction work.


○ Appropriate examination

・For those under the age of 60 who do not have underlying diseases and have been vaccinated, it is a disease that can be cured naturally with rest at home and over-the-counter medicines. Please prepare cough medicine and fever reducer in advance .・In order not to delay medical treatment for people who urgently need emergency medical care , refrain from visiting a doctor at night or on holidays if you only have mild cold symptoms. Please give me. (If you are concerned about your child's symptoms, please call #8000 (Shizuoka Children's Emergency Telephone Consultation) as necessary.)

○Thorough wearing of masks

When eating and drinking, take off your mask and talk only with your family , do not talk with other people when eating, and be sure to wear a non-woven mask when talking.・Especially when talking with a large number of people for a long time, please ensure that everyone wears a non-woven mask . Without frequent ventilation, the risk of infection increases due to the high infectivity of BA.5.・“ Masks are not required outdoors if there are no people around ” and “ Pre-school children do not need masks in principle ”. Please carry a mask with you at all times so that you can put it on and take it off properly .

○ Inoculation of bivalent vaccine for Omicron strain

・Since September 20th, it has become possible to receive additional bivalent vaccines for the conventional and Omicron strains of the novel coronavirus .・Inoculation of the bivalent vaccine against Omicron strains is expected to be more effective in preventing severe disease than conventional vaccines, as well as preventing infection and onset .・Since bivalent vaccination has also started at the prefecture's large-scale vaccination venue (Mokusei Kaikan) , those who wish to do so should make a reservation as soon as possible after carefully confirming the opening hours. increase.

Click here for information on large-scale vaccination venues in the prefecture

○ Efforts at business sites

・Businesses should thoroughly implement basic infection prevention measures in their workplaces and stores, especially enforcing ventilation , take infection prevention measures when changing places of residence , work from home, staggered commuting times, etc. Please continue to take measures to prevent infection, such as reducing the number of cases.

○ Efforts at schools, etc.

・At schools and nursery schools, etc., please take basic infection prevention measures such as wearing a mask and diligently ventilating, and try to avoid activities that pose a high risk of infection.・If staff members, children, or students have cold symptoms, please refrain from club and extracurricular activities, take over-the-counter medicine (cough medicine, antipyretic, etc.), and rest at home.

○ Efforts at welfare facilities, etc.

・Business operators of welfare facilities, etc., are requested to cooperate in the early detection of positive cases by conducting regular tests once a week using the simple antigen qualitative kits distributed by the prefecture.

○ Notes on events

・All event organizers are requested to thoroughly implement basic infection prevention measures such as avoiding the 3Cs and try to keep track of the participants.
・When holding an event with more than 5,000 participants and a capacity rate of more than 50%, please submit an “infection prevention and safety plan” that describes specific infection prevention measures to the prefecture.

・Encourage participants to wear masks during conversations and crowded situations at the event.

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Requests to businesses, etc.

Request to citizens of the prefecture

Always carry a mask! Reference table for wearing a mask for each case


situation of people around


only myself

housemate only

People other than cohabitants

More than 2m away

within 2m

almost no conversation

Conversation / Vocalization Yes

almost no conversation

Conversation / Vocalization Yes

Indoor *1


Example) Spending time alone in a room


Example) Family gathering in the living room

Example) Self-study by leaving your seat at the unnecessary library

Recommended *2

chat at a distance

Example) Recommended commuter train / bus

Example) Meetings in small meeting rooms recommended , karaoke, mahjong



Example) Walking or biking alone


Example) Hiking with family

Example) Quietly running, cycling, or fishing

Example) Playing outside and playing tennis without unnecessary crowds

Example) No need to commute on foot , quiet queues, outdoor theater

Example) Crowds in recommended downtown areas and tourist spots, BBQs with friends, watching ball games

*In principle, children of preschool age do not need to wear a mask.

*Recommend wearing a mask for the elderly, those with underlying medical conditions, or those who come in contact with such people

*When coughing or sneezing without wearing a mask, cover your mouth and nose with a handkerchief or sleeve (cough etiquette)

*1; Including inside vehicles (trains, buses, private cars, etc.) *2; Masks can be removed if infection control measures such as adequate ventilation are taken.


Always put a mask in your bag! Wear a mask Do not wear a mask


people around

Home/Vehicle or Outside

only me

family only


People who are not family members



2 closer than 2 met 2 closer than 2 met


don't speak


don't speak



Inside buildings and vehicles

outside the building

TV in the room

Take a walk with your family

far away quietly

Ranning, Trainer, Mushitori


speak far apart

Play, Dodgeball

People are on the train bus

When walking to school

Talk and sing in a small room

where there are many people


*Pre-school children do not need masks (children who want to do so may do so)

*Wear a mask when you meet a stranger or stranger, or when you go to the hospital.

*When coughing or sneezing without a mask, cover your mouth and nose with a handkerchief or wipe *You may remove your mask in a room with a lot of colds


National Level Classification for Evaluating the Status of New Coronavirus Infections and Medical Crisis, etc., and the Prefecture's Response [Omicron Stock Version] (Operation from July 12, 2022)


Country Evaluation level

Indicator Share of new infections, etc.

Required measures

Requesting citizens and business establishments to restrain their behavior as much as possible

Restrictions on general medical care at the discretion of the prefecture and medical sites

Necessary measures for each region, such as strong appeals to citizens of the prefecture, priority measures such as epidemic prevention, emergency measures, etc.

Avoid behavior with high risk of infectionTake necessary measures to prevent the spread of infection

Implementation ・Strengthening of public health center system, required hospital beds

Securing in stages

Main measures taken by the prefecture according to the national evaluation level (Note 1) Restaurants Events

Requesting self-restraint and restrictions on activities stronger than level 3 throughout the prefecture

Requests to apply emergency measures and priority measures depending on the situation


1 week

sick bed

Going out/moving



4 levels

Level at which countermeasures should be strengthened

Level at which caution 2 should be strengthened

Level to be maintained1



Exceeded maximum number of beds

Current bed occupancy rate and critically ill bed occupancy rate over 50%




・In addition to level 2 measures, refrain from going out to places with a high risk of infection within and outside the prefecture, and refrain from unnecessary and non-urgent travel to other prefectures (Note 2).

・In addition to level 2 measures, shorten business hours, suspend operations, and refrain from offering alcoholic beverages (Note 2)

・In addition to level 2 measures, restrictions on the scale of the event (number of participants and accommodation rate) (Note 2)

・Comply with industry-specific guidelines ・Strongly reduce the number of commuters

Promotion ・Organization of visitors to facilities, etc.


* 1 and any of 2 to 4


(Status) Increased for 12 consecutive weeks

(per 100,000 people) 2,100 or more


(Bed occupancy rate) Upward trend at 320% or more

(Number of hospitalized patients) 4,100 or more, increasing trend


Strengthening and thoroughness of basic infection prevention measures (requesting movement restrictions, etc. as necessary depending on the infection situation and medical emergency situation)

・In addition to Level 1 response, call attention to actions that pose a high risk of infection

・In addition to level 1 measures, further thorough infection prevention measures such as frequent ventilation and avoidance of crowds

・In addition to level 1 measures, further thorough infection prevention measures

・Comply with industry-specific guidelines ・Implement measures to reduce contact with people

Thoroughness of


Thorough implementation of basic infection prevention measuresContinuation of basic infection prevention measures

・Compliance with industry-specific guidelines

・More than 5,000 people and more than 50% accommodation rate ・Compliance with industry-specific guidelines


・Promotion of vaccination・Infection prevention measures of certified shops, etc. cooperate in acquisition page5image3608374608page5image3608375088page5image3608375632page5image3608376112 Use of stores that have submitted a preventive safety plan and secured a medical system

page5image3608379760page5image3608380064page5image3608380368page5image3608380672page5image3608380976page5image3608381280page5image3608381584page5image3608381888page5image3608382192page5image3608382496page5image3608382800page5image3608383104 page5image3608383408page5image3608383712page5image3608384016page5image3608384320page5image3608384624page5image3608384928page5image3608385232page5image3608385536page5image3608385840page5image3608386144page5image3608386448page5image3608386752page5image3608387056page5image3608387360page5image3608387664page5image3608387968page5image3608388272page5image3608388576page5image3608388880page5image3608389184page5image3608389488

Infected - - Same as above Same as above Same as above Same as above


0 level


(Note 1) Actual measures will be implemented as necessary based on the infection situation and medical emergency situation.

(Note 2) In the case of certified stores and inspections of all eligible persons, the requirements may be relaxed (if stronger measures are required, they will not be relaxed).

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