About correspondence to new coronavirus infectious disease in medical institution

In Osaka Prefecture, at the "84th Osaka Novel Coronavirus Countermeasures Headquarters Meeting" held on December 26, 2022, from December 27, 2022, for the time being, a request to citizens, etc. The content has been decided.

We ask all medical institutions to continue to take precautions to prevent the spread of infection.

Request from Osaka Prefecture

1. area
Entire Osaka Prefecture

2. request period
From December 27, 2022 to the time being (however, we will decide to change the content of the request depending on the future infection situation)

3. Main contents
(1) to (3) below

(1) Appeal to prefectural residents (based on Article 24, Paragraph 9 of the Special Measures Law)

〇Thorough infection prevention measures (avoiding the 3 Cs, wearing appropriate masks, washing hands, frequent ventilation, etc.)

〇 Considering early vaccination (including vaccination of children) (approach not based on law)

〇 In preparation for the simultaneous epidemic of the new coronavirus and seasonal influenza, the elderly (* 1) should consider influenza vaccination (approach not based on law).
(*1) Persons eligible for routine vaccination under the Preventive Vaccination Act

〇In order to protect the lives and health of the elderly, those who come in contact with the elderly (*2) and family members who live with them on a daily basis should refrain from going out or moving to places where the risk of infection is high.

〇Thoroughly implement infection prevention measures when visiting facilities for the elderly (consider ways to avoid contact with the elderly, such as online meetings)

〇 If a family member of an elderly person (*2) who lives with you is infected, those who cannot take infection control measures should proactively receive treatment at an accommodation facility in order to protect the life of the elderly person.

(*2) Including those with a high risk of severe illness, such as those with underlying diseases.

〇 When traveling between prefectures, such as traveling, take thorough infection prevention measures and refrain from actions with a high risk of infection at the destination.

〇 Observe the following rules when having dinner

・Gold sticker certified stores are recommended

・ Thorough mask dinner (* 3)

(*3) This does not apply if it is difficult to wear a mask due to illness, etc.

〇 Refrain from using restaurants, etc. where infection control measures are not thoroughly implemented.

(2) Requests to facilities for the elderly (based on Article 24, Paragraph 9 of the Act on Special Measures)

〇Thorough measures to prevent infection, including when visiting (consider ways to avoid contact with the elderly, such as online meetings)

〇Frequent inspections (once every 3 days) for workers at residential facilities

〇 Cooperate in early vaccination

〇Strengthen and thoroughly implement basic infection prevention measures at facilities

〇 If a positive person or a suspected patient occurs at a facility, the facility administrator should cooperate with the doctor, collaborating medical institution, home-visit medical institution, etc. to provide prompt treatment.

(3) Requests to medical institutions (based on Article 24, Paragraph 9 of the Act on Special Measures)

〇In addition to strengthening and thorough basic infection prevention measures, if a patient hospitalized at one's own hospital is found to be positive, continue corona treatment along with the underlying disease at the medical institution.

〇Collaborating medical institutions, home-visit medical institutions, etc. should cooperate in early vaccination of elderly facilities.

〇 When a public health center requests a home visit to a facility for the elderly, core medical institutions and home-visit medical institutions in the region should provide cooperation, such as securing a home-visit system on a regional basis.

〇 Core medical institutions for local infectious diseases should promote support for infection control at facilities for the elderly.

〇 Cooperate in going to temporary fever outpatient clinics in municipalities

Materials for the 84th meeting of the Osaka Prefectural Novel Coronavirus Countermeasures Headquarters

Request from the city

To spend New Year's Eve in peace

〇Be especially aware of the ventilation in the room .
〇 If you have not been vaccinated yet, please consider getting vaccinated before the end of the year .
〇Prepare government-approved test kits and antipyretic analgesics in case you feel unwell.

About information about nosocomial infection measures

The Osaka Prefectural Government website below provides information on countermeasures against in-hospital infections, including the "New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Mass Infection Case Study for Self-Check by Employees of Welfare Facilities and Medical Institutions."
Please use it as a reference for future measures related to the new coronavirus infection.
[Osaka prefecture website publication location]
*Information on countermeasures against nosocomial infections Bottom row Reference (Osaka Prefecture) Documents for the workshop on countermeasures against new corona nosocomial infections

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