Requests to medical institutions regarding the novel coronavirus infection

Requests to medical institutions regarding the novel coronavirus infection

December 27, 2022

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HER-SYS Submission of Occurrence Notification, etc.

In principle, submission of reports of outbreaks and total numbers of new coronavirus infections should be done using HER-SYS (*) provided by the government. If you are a medical institution that has not introduced HER-SYS, please use it after completing the necessary procedures.
Please note that this procedure is related to the account issuance application for medical institutions, so it is not possible for the positive person to apply. Please note that even if you apply, we will not be able to respond.
(→ Click here if you cannot report on HER-SYS due to special circumstances)

(*Information grasping and management support system for people infected with the new coronavirus)

How to apply for a HER-SYS account

・Please attach the data of the HER-SYS user registration application form and send it to the reception-only email address below.
・We will notify you of your HER-SYS account name and initial password about a week after we receive your application.
・If you have any questions regarding this application, please contact us at the reception email address below.

Email address for reception:

HER-SYS account application image

HER-SYS user registration application form

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Report on the total number of persons subject to notification of the outbreak notification and those who are not subject to notification

Please use HER-SYS to report the total number of reported cases and non-reported cases diagnosed by medical institutions.

・Please make corrections on the day and after the next day, and do not make corrections retroactively.
・It is not necessary to report on non-consultation days when there is no subject for the total report.

(Reference) Osaka Prefecture website " Osaka Prefecture / HER-SYS related materials ( ) Open in new window 

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