Choose "in vitro diagnostic reagents" for the novel coronavirus antigen qualitative test kit

Antigen qualitative test kits marketed as "research use" are not government-approved "in-vitro diagnostic drugs" and their performance, etc. has not been confirmed. In addition, "for research" is not intended to investigate the presence or absence of new coronavirus infection.

Even though the person who used "for research" is infected, if the result is negative, he/she may not be able to see a medical institution due to misunderstanding that he/she is not infected with the new coronavirus infection. There is a possibility that the delay may seriously affect the health of the person and spread the infection to those around them.

Regarding "for research", there are cases where administrative guidance was given to business operators who displayed labels as if they had been approved by the government, based on the Unjustifiable Premiums and Representations Act.

Before purchasing an antigen qualitative test kit, make sure that it is a government-approved in-vitro diagnostic product.

  • "For research" is not government approved.
  • Antigen qualitative test kits approved by the government for medical use are labeled as “in-vitro diagnostics”.
  • If you wish to purchase this product, please consult with the pharmacist at the pharmacy handling it.

If you suspect that you have been infected with the new coronavirus, please consult with the Consultation Center or a medical institution.

For the novel coronavirus antigen test kit, please select "in vitro diagnostic reagents"! (Published by the Consumer Affairs Agency and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)

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About pharmacies handling the new coronavirus antigen qualitative test kit

In order to prepare for the simultaneous epidemic of the new coronavirus and seasonal influenza, Osaka City is calling for stockpiling of new coronavirus antigen qualitative test kits and antipyretic analgesics.

The pharmacies, etc. that handle the new coronavirus antigen qualitative test kit are announced on the following site. Please check stock availability before purchasing.

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Click here for a list of pharmacies by municipality published by the Osaka Pharmaceutical Association (external site) Open in new window

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