2020 The Future is Brilliant ☆ Suita Student Support Project

[Information] About the 2022 Future Kirari ☆ Suita Student Support Project

The Suita City Council of Social Welfare is distributing food items to high school students, university students, graduate school students, vocational school students, etc. who live or study in Suita City and whose lives have been affected by rising prices. To do.
Please check the flyer for details on how to apply.

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Welfare Department Welfare General Affairs Office
1-3-40 Izumi-cho, Suita-shi, Osaka 564-8550 (Counter 704 on the 7th floor of the high-rise building)
telephone number:
[general affairs] 06-6384-1803
[Community Welfare] 06-6384-1815
[Support for people requiring assistance during a disaster] 06-6384-1363
[Benefits charge] 06-4860-6018
Fax number: 06-6368-7348
Please use the dedicated form for inquiries.

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