Homeless self-reliance support measures

Since around 1996, when the economic stagnation after the bursting of the bubble economy intensified in Japan, the number of homeless people has increased rapidly, mainly in large cities, and has become a serious social problem. Especially in Osaka City, in addition to the problem of unemployment, the problem of unstable workers such as day laborers in the Airin area has become a serious situation.
Against this backdrop, the city is demanding drastic measures from the national government. We have implemented self-reliance support measures such as the center project (started in October 2000).
After that, in July 2002, the “ Act on Special Measures Concerning Support for Homeless Self-Reliance ” was enacted (in June 2017, the expiration date of the law was extended by 10 years from 2015 to 2013), and based on the law The government has formulated the "Basic Policy on Support for Self-reliance of the Homeless".
In accordance with the provisions of the law, Osaka City formulated the "Implementation Plan for Supporting the Self-reliance of the Osaka City Homeless (FY2009 to FY2013)" in line with the basic policy and the implementation plan of Osaka Prefecture. Furthermore, in response to the five-year extension of the validity of the law in June 2012, a new “Implementation Plan for Supporting the Self-reliance of the Homeless in Osaka City (from FY2014 to FY2018)” was formulated. . After that, in June 2017, the effective date of the law was extended for 10 years, so the Osaka City government also implemented the “Implementation Plan for Supporting the Self-reliance of the Homeless in Osaka [FY2019 to FY2023].” ” was formulated.
Based on this implementation plan, the basic policy is to support the homeless so that they can live a stable life on their own initiative. We are promoting to

1 Outline of Osaka City Implementation Plan Concerning Self-Reliance Support for Homeless People

(1) Basic goals

○ Comprehensive support for self-sufficiency ○ Life support that combines prevention of homelessness and support for self-reliance in the Airin area ○ Improvement of the living environment in the region ○ Protection of human rights

(2) Policy goals

In our city, we have set policy goals centered on support from admission to the self-reliance support center, which is the core facility of homeless self-reliance support measures, to employment independence. We will proceed with measures based on the fiscal year].

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2 Main self-reliance support measures of the city

(1) Homeless patrol consultation business

Counselors travel around the city to consult with homeless people about employment, health, worries, etc. For those who wish to return home, they contact and mediate their families and acquaintances. We recommend that you enroll in the Independence Support Center. In addition, for those who need welfare support due to old age, disability, illness, etc., we are providing support suitable for individual circumstances, such as cooperating with related organizations.

(2) Establishment and operation of independence support centers

A self-reliance support center is established and operated in one location in the city for the purpose of promoting independence through employment by allowing homeless people who are willing to work to enter the facility for a certain period of time.
The Independence Support Center provides lodging and meals, as well as daily life counseling, health guidance, job counseling in cooperation with Hello Work, and employment placement.
In addition, we are implementing a self-reliance support center project that utilizes private rental housing, and an aftercare project to support the continuation of working independently after leaving the facility.

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(3) Health and medical measures

Health consultations, mental health consultations, etc. by doctors in mobile consultations

Homeless self-reliance support project in cooperation with related organizations

・Homeless employment support center business

A council was set up by Osaka Prefecture, Osaka City, private organizations, etc. In order to promote the self-reliance of the residents of the independence support center and to provide employment opportunities to elderly day laborers in the Airin area, we collect jobs from a wide range of private businesses and provide various employment opportunities.

[Reference] Number of homeless people in national survey

The number of homeless people in the city increased sharply from around 1996, and is estimated to have peaked around 1999 and then decreased due to the effects of measures.

Number of homeless people in national survey (persons)


15 years


20 years


25 years


30 years


31 years


2 years


3 years


4 years





3,647 1,909 1,023 1,002 982 943 923



16,018 8,265 4,977 4,555 3,992 3,824 3,448

3 Human rights of homeless people

Due to various circumstances, many people are forced to live in parks, roads, station buildings, etc. Among these homeless people, there are many who cannot find employment even though they have the will to be independent and want to find a proper job. Not a few.
Violent incidents against homeless people have also occurred frequently, and heinous crimes such as taking lives have also occurred. At the root of this is an attitude that disrespects such people.
In order to change this kind of awareness, we must not lose sight of the perspective that "the human rights of both homeless and non-homeless people must be equally respected."
The city respects basic human rights and obtains the understanding and cooperation of the local community. Based on the implementation plan, we are promoting comprehensive support for homeless independence, including employment support, so we ask for your understanding and cooperation. To do.


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