Osaka City x Minpapi Cervical Cancer Awareness Challenge!

The Osaka City Health Promotion Division will collaborate with the "Let's learn about HPV project together" (hereafter referred to as Minpapi!) to implement two projects using Twitter and Youtube .

Outline of enlightenment project
  • What exactly is cervical cancer?

Cancer that forms in the cervix (the entrance to the uterus). About 11,000 people are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year, and about 3,000 die from it.

(From the Osaka Prefecture website "HPV (human papillomavirus vaccine)". As of R4.11)

  • Cervical cancer screening (Osaka city cancer screening)

Women aged 20 and over / copayment 400 yen

  • Cervical cancer preventive vaccine [ HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccine]

Free inoculation for the target age group. For details on eligibility requirements, etc. to this page

Twitter [#Human Papi Tsubuyako SNS Post 100 Day Challenge]

  • Date/time

100 days from November 24th (Thursday), days with 4 and 9 every month

  • detail

We will send information about cervical cancer and HPV vaccine. Spread the word by retweeting and liking!

  • official account

Twitter account Open in new window Please follow me.

Search at the link above or @Osaka_Minpapi.


YouTube Live [\ I want to know about it/ HPV vaccine]

  • Date/time

Sunday, December 4, 21:00-22:00 (The end time may change.)

  • detail

We will talk about cervical cancer in an online discussion format.

The performers are doctors who belong to Minpapi,

I am the representative of "Vcan", an organization that is mainly active in Kansai medical students, and an employee of the Health Promotion Division.

  • Same-day delivery account

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